We have touched on the MDGs and asked the question whether enough is done to integrate Logistics into the effort. The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index has many of the answers and the LPI framework is a¬†clear indication that improving logistics performance has become an important development policy objective and, the LPI is providing a valuable benchmark from which priorities can be agreed and delivered upon. See: Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy (2007). (more…)

In 2000, 189 countries adopted the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). The idea was that developed and developing nations alike would work together to reduce global poverty by 2015. Eight key goals were agreed. We are now halfway towards the target date and despite some significant achievements, most of the MDGs are way off track. Over the next few weeks we’d like to take a closer look at how Logistics plays and can play a part in accelerating MDG progress; looking at the structure and not just the symptoms of these issues. Especially in the context of the current crisis … (more…)