The US National Intelligence Council (NIC) has presented a view of the world that is in stark contrast to that of recent years. Predicting a world with multiple sources of power and emphasising the need to deal with diversity, the Report highlights the numbers that put a perspective on the challenges we face:  

  • 50% … The rise in demand for food by 2025 because of growing populations and switch to western dietary preferences.
  • 8 billion … Projected world population by 2025, according to the NIC Report.
  • 16% … of the 8 bn will be living in the west. In 1980, 24% of the world’s population lived in the west.
  • 39% … of all oil production will come from just six countriess: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq and Russia.
  • 63% … of the world’s population is expected to be poor in 2025, fewer people than today but the poorer will be poorer. (more…)