Back in soviet times when the economy was fixated on heavy industrial goods consumer items reached their market by word of mouth and demand aggregated to prioritise supply below the radar of the State. Cuba with its vast underground of unlicensed products and services either pilfered from the State or, brought in from outside works in the same way. And like so many other informal markets all over the developing and emerging world, word-of-mouth or, to use a buzz word from the textbooks, viral marketing drives demand and pulls the product to market.

Cuban cars and the digital bazaar has transformed this en la calle (street based) market into a digital bazaar for a broad range of goods from housing to cars to classified ads. revolico, meaning disarray, has become one of the top 3 web sites in Cuba with over 1.5 million page views per month and over 100,000 ads placed in the last two months. (more…)