June 2009

Let’s look at fruit in a supermarket in, say, Hull. Map the supply chain from end-to-end. At source there are contract farmers producing to an agreed specification and paid according to set terms of trade. Shelf ready packaging moves from field to fixture and logistics are in place to achieve this ever better, cheaper and faster. Now, buy fruit from a street vendor in Mumbai or Moscow and retrace the same end-to-end process.  (more…)


For those of you who wince at the thought of street food anywhere – how about transforming your perception by eating your way along the buzzing streets … of India? (more…)

Last year I made a presentation about doing business with India and highlighted Tamil Nadu as the place to be. I spoke of Chennai as being the Detroit of India…

What a difference a year makes. Here in Chennai, the Auto industry has moved on and using Detroit as shorthand for auto success is about as accurate as comparing the ransacked port of Ancient Carthage with the boxopolis of Shanghai. The Auto industry in the developed world has been challenged but it is not just a shortage of cash.  

The Detroit paradigm has run out of road and India, China and Brasil are transforming the auto industry around a very different logistics eco system of producers large and small; formal and informal players buzzing around target consumers and their needs. The product is affordable and, above all, constantly adapting to local concerns. (more…)